What does a Hosted Telephone System give you?

As soon as you plug into our hosted telephone system a whole wealth of services open up to you.  Immediately, you have at your fingertips the following

  • Divert
  • Transfer internally – and externally!
  • Hold
  • Find me/follow me
  • Hunt Groups
  • Ring groups
  • 3-way conferencing


Then you can add services to tailor-make your personal telephone system!

Intelligent Number;  callers always call the same number no matter where you are working – in the office, at home or on the move.  There is no need to give out home or mobile numbers, a personal number reduces missed calls and cuts time spent following up messages.  It’s so much easier to reach the busy executive!

Voicemail;  takes messages and sends them to your inbox as an e mail attachment.  You can also access your messages from any phone.  It also has a useful announcement feature; you set a generic greeting, but can override that with a daily or absence greeting.

Fax Mail;  get rid of that fax machine!  This service means you can receive faxes straight to your inbox!  It also means faxes can be received on the same number as used for voice calls.

Auto Attendant;  handle your calls in a professional and cost-effective way using automated solutions to handle your specific needs.  You can change your call handling methods at any time in-house, without specialist knowledge, making sure your callers are answered quickly and then appropriately routed.

Interactive Voice Response;  this is an advanced form of Auto Attendant, with more sophisticated features including Voice Forms, which would allow you to collect data such as name, address and post code.

TPSL Voip powered by TeleWare

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