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We have chosen to partner with TeleWare as their business ethics are closely aligned to those of TP Phones – TeleWarealways looking after customers and constantly trying to improve the way we work whilst keeping the business simple and easy to understand. TeleWare only sell through accredited partners, selected for their expertise. At TP Phones we add value to their product portfolio, delivering solutions that enhance the use of communications within business, whilst providing a one stop shop for installations, customer service and training.

10 reasons we like to work with TeleWare:

  1. TeleWare has been first to market with new technologies on many occasions and have been told by industry analysts they are typically 2 years ahead of the competition.
  2. TeleWare are always open to new ideas and finding the right solution to meet your needs.  As they develop their own software they have complete flexibility and control.
  3. They have been in business since 1991! And their first customer is still a customer today.
  4. TeleWare has 3 data centres delivering a mixture of services and applications, giving system resilience to customers.
  5. TeleWare is entirely network independent which enables TP Phones to work with your carrier of choice or offer you a wide choice of network providers.
  6. TeleWare’s extensive experience of integrating with practically every type and manufacturer of PBXs, including mixed vendor – mixed technology networks, allows us to select the best solutions for our customers and deliver the latest voice applications.
  7. TeleWare will work with TP Phones as much as is needed to find a solution for even the most complex project.
  8. TeleWare software can also deliver additional benefits including improved employee productivity and enhanced customer experience. Our customers consistently report savings well above those they calculated in their initial ROI (Return on Investment) justification prior to installation.
  9. TeleWare is a true 24/7/365 company.
  10. TeleWare provide a high value service, always available whenever we need support for our customers.









TPSL Voip powered by TeleWare

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